In the Moment

IMG_0213_FotorWe got this photo after we finished photographing my daughter’s 8 month photo.  I look like crap, but it shows her personality through and through.  Her brother was off to the side trying to make her smile, and they basically were giggling back and forth.  This happens on a daily basis, and it is the best thing ever.  I hope they continue to have a great relationship with each other.  It is amazing how much they love each other; and to see them both light up when they see each other, whether it’s first thing in the morning or when Oliver comes home from school.  I’m incredibly grateful tha they have each other and love each other so much.

P.S.  This was taken with a DSLR.



So it has been well documented in this blog that with my second pregnancy I had pubic bone pain, probably because I produced more relaxin in combination with general weakness from the relaxin during my first pregnancy.  Anyhoo, my pubic bone pain became such a big deal that I was seeing a chiropractor to help realign me and relieve the pain.

Fast forward to nearly 8 months postpartum, and I am in pain from a groin pull that happened last night from soccer.  Keep in mind that I haven’t had a groin pull in years!  I seriously can’t remember the last time I pulled my groin since I started wearing compression shorts as suggested by a trainer in college.  It seriously could be 10+ years.  So imagine my frustration and dismay to quit at half time because I just couldn’t jog, let alone play soccer.  My husband said that I am just old, which is true, but there has to be more to it.

So as I was lying in bed, moaning about the pain, I quickly did a Google search about relaxin.  Relaxin is the hormone produced during pregnancy to help loosen your ligaments to help your pelvis open up to push a baby through, but is nondiscriminatory so effects all joints in the body.  Why did I do a Google search for relaxin specifically?  Well, I have noticed that my hips and pubic bone aren’t quite 100%.  If I walk/run a lot (say a full soccer game) or an entire day of shopping, my legs feel like they are coming out of their sockets and sometimes a  little pain in the pubic bone area if it’s really bad.  (Also my historically bad shoulder has been really weak, as in it hasn’t been this bad since I first injured it.)  The last time I felt this kind of pain was when I was pregnant.  Turns out it takes a long time for relaxin to leave your body postpartum (a couple of months), and apparently your body produces relaxin if you are breastfeeding!  And this makes sense since Wikipedia says female breasts also produces the hormone.  Granted, the amount isn’t nearly as much produced when are you pregnant.  But the fact that it is present in your body is enough concern if you are trying to play coed soccer with people 10 years your junior who all played college level soccer.  No wonder I pulled my groin last night!!!

FYI, I stopped breastfeeding my son at 6 months, and that was around the time I really ramped up my exercise routine (e.g., bootcamp, soccer, and lacrosse).  So I never experienced this before with him.

Urban vs. Suburban Living

So we’ve been living in the DC suburbs for almost two months now.  And I’m surprised to find myself really missing SF a lot more than I thought I would be.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I ended up really enjoying urban living and the easy opportunities that it brought about.  So here’s a compilation of the pros and cons to both urban and suburban living!

Suburban Pros

  1. Space!  Omg, it’s luxurious out here–more house, a larger backyard, maybe a front yard and side yard too!  We no longer live in a community where the houses are pretty much on top of each other, and a little brick yard.  My kids can freely roam around the backyard to play soccer, wade in the kiddie pool, or have a picnic under a tree.
  2. And with space comes a lot of nature.  I mean every city has a large urban park, like Golden Gate Park in SF and Rock Creek Park in DC.  But there’s nature in your backyard like large trees, grass, and tons of different animals roaming about.  Hello, deer?!
  3. Parking!  It’s so easy to park any where here.  It’s kind of weird not having to parallel park or factor in extra time to find parking.

Suburban Cons

  1. Nature!  I hate bugs!  They are all over the place.  They bite.  I hate it.
  2. I hate how you have to drive to do anything.  It’s not easy to walk any where, even though it may be half a mile away.  Unless you want to walk on the wild side, e.g. sidewalk-less streets.  No thank you.
  3. Strip mall after strip mall after strip mall.  It’s hard to find anything mom and pop, which is good and bad.  But we can agree there’s no charm to a strip mall.  And the cookie cutter houses.  No charm there, and slightly bordering on Stepford-ish.
  4. Kid activities are a bit difficult here.  It’s not as abundant and things are just further out.  There’s a world of difference when you have to travel at least 10 miles to get some where vs. a few miles, especially with a baby.  A quick 15 minute drive to the zoo is now a 40 minute ordeal.  You get the drift.

Urban Pros

  1. Culture!  Not that suburbia can’t have culture because there are different pockets here with different cultures.  But it’s just nice walking around your urban neighborhood and seeing different types of people going about their daily lives.  There is no seeking–it’s just apart of the mesh of daily urban living.  And I know most people may not necessarily view this as a pro, but I personally like my child to be exposed to the urban poor.  I want them to see homeless people because I want them to know that the world is not perfect and that there are people out there that need some help.
  2. Walking!  Even though I hated walking in SF and those bloody “hills”, everything was easily walkable.  There were three different parks I could easily walk to, a grocery store, shops, restaurants, everything all easily walkable from my house.  I miss it, surprisingly.
  3. Kid stuff!  You live close to museums and the zoo to take your kids to, local artists are always playing music you can expose your child to; all just a quick bus or car ride or walk away.
  4. The charm of different neighborhoods and iconic cityscapes.  Each neighborhood is known for something and it’s always amazing to see something so iconic of your city, especially during sunrises and sunsets.  Nothing is ever the same, so you are always discovering something new.

Urban Cons

  1. Crime.  I mean there’s crime in suburbia too.  But it doesn’t seem to happen so close to home like it did when we lived in SF.
  2. EXPENSIVE!  Good grief is it expensive to live in a city!  Your buck just doesn’t travel as far when it comes to housing and food and everything in a city.
  3. Public schools aren’t the best in most urban areas.  You just hope that you can afford to live in the best urban school district, you win the school lottery, or you make enough money to send your kid to private school.
  4. Parking!  Sometimes paying for a space to house your car is just as much as a bedroom in a shared home (no joke!).  And then there’s that whole parallel parking thing.  But I guess that’s why you rely on public transportation and walking more.

Obviously this isn’t an extensive list, and you may disagree.  But these are my pros and cons right now.  I’m sure that the list will change as I become more acclimated to suburban living.

We’ve Moved!

wagonWow, I haven’t updated in forever.  It took awhile to actually get settled here in the DC Area.  It also was a long process that required my husband to travel across the country twice.  Thankfully, the move was made easier with the help of movers who did pretty much all of the packing and unloading.  Then we needed to get an additional car so that I wasn’t going to be stranded at home with kids most of the week (oh the joys of suburban living).  But for the most part all the kids have adjusted to our new home, the time zone, and, for Oliver, his new preschool.  We also have done a good amount of unpacking, although there are still a few stray boxes I can’t be faced to deal with right now.  Hopefully, we can enjoy the rest of our summer and I can do some regular posting!

We’re Moving!

MovingI’ve probably mentioned this in passing in previous posts, but we are moving back to the East Coast on Saturday.  It’s a bit bittersweet–I’ve met some incredible people here, and it’s hard to leave a city and home where my son and daughter experienced so many firsts.  This is where my son learned to crawl, walk, eat, talk, goes to preschool; this is where my daughter was born.  And now we pack up and will experience other firsts in a somewhat foreign land.

My husband got a job offer that was too good to say no to (even though he did at first!).  It also means that we get to move closer to family and friends.  That will help our family a lot, especially to give me get a break here and there from the kids.  So it really is for the best that we leave this city, that we’ve called home for 2.5 years, behind.

Thankfully the majority of packing has been outsourced to a full service moving company, so I won’t have to deal with that business.  Regardless, don’t be surprised if I don’t update for awhile as we adjust after the chaos.

24 Week Postpartum Weight Update

IMG_4410So I’m 24 weeks postpartum, and let me tell you the weight loss isn’t as easy as the first. Granted life is just more hectic now juggling two. It’s just more of everything–more tired, more work, more sleepy, more obligations, more more more. You name it, it’s just more of it. And whoever tells you that breastfeeding makes you shed all that weight is a liar! I lost more weight with my son, whom we supplemented, than with my daughter, who is exclusively breastfed.

I’m sure it’s a combination of a lot of things.  I haven’t been as vigilant about working out like I did with my first.  That goes along with the tiredness of wrangling two.  I also don’t play soccer anymore like I did with the first, even though I wouldn’t count that as enough exercise to shed the weight.  But anything helps right?

Anyhoo, it is taking me longer to lose weight than I expected.  No one tells you that about your second.  With the first I lost a lot of weight, and fast.  And then I lost the last of the baby weight once I stopped breastfeeding, which was like another 5lbs.  This time I stalled at 15lbs.  But Sammy is close to developing a routine/schedule, which means it will be easier to figure out the working out business.  Let’s hope I lose that extra weight in the coming months!

P.S.  I hate selfies done in a mirror!!!