In the Moment

IMG_0213_FotorWe got this photo after we finished photographing my daughter’s 8 month photo.  I look like crap, but it shows her personality through and through.  Her brother was off to the side trying to make her smile, and they basically were giggling back and forth.  This happens on a daily basis, and it is the best thing ever.  I hope they continue to have a great relationship with each other.  It is amazing how much they love each other; and to see them both light up when they see each other, whether it’s first thing in the morning or when Oliver comes home from school.  I’m incredibly grateful tha they have each other and love each other so much.

P.S.  This was taken with a DSLR.


DSLR vs. Camera Phone

I get a lot of questions about what camera I use to take my photos of Baby Monster, especially from first time parents.  There are so many moments you want to capture, especially when your baby finally arrives that you want the perfect camera.  What do I tell my friends?  Get a DSLR if you want to learn how to properly use it.  Otherwise save your money and use a budget friendly point and shoot or your camera phone.

Why do I tell people they need to learn to properly use a DSLR?  Basically there’s no point in buying a camera worth hundreds of dollars if you are going to use it like a point and shoot that’s worth $100, or the camera that comes with your phone.  DSLRs on automatic mode do not give you an even better picture.  Automatic mode is behaving like a point and shoot.  But you must be saying, “It comes with that fancy zoom lens!”  Actually, the stock lens that comes with DSLR packages are not necessarily the best lens on the market.  And if you don’t know how to use the camera in manual mode (or even semi-manual) mode, you can’t even utilize the lens properly.  So unless you want to take the time to learn how to use a DSLR, save money and get a point and shoot.

Still not convinced?  Look at the two pictures below and try to guess which one was shot with a DSLR and which one was shot with a camera phone.




So the first photo was taken with my iPhone 5 and second was taken with my DSLR.  Seriously, the first picture was just a camera phone and the second was with a DSLR.  So again, if you want to learn to use a DSLR, then go ahead and buy one.  Otherwise stick with your camera phone or get a point and shoot.

And if you do decide to take the plunge into the realm of DSLR, and are still wondering what camera I use…  I first learned on a Canon 20D, which is close to a grand in price.  It’s actually really hard to use if you are trying to learn on a DSLR.  As a present from my bro, he got me a Canon T3i which is much easier to use but still pretty powerful.  I don’t use the stock lens though.  I have a Canon macro lens that I am in love with and have never taken off the camera body since I bought it even though it’s a fixie lens (no zoom).

So yes, the conclusion again:  buy a DSLR if you are going to learn how to use it properly, otherwise stick with your camera phone or a point and shoot.