Head ShotAbout Me

My name is Eileen, and I’m a 30-something stay at home mother to a little boy and a little girl, and wife to a husband in tech.  We live in, arguably, one of the most expensive cities in the United States, which makes this extra challenging on one income.  I once used to save the world as a social worker talking with inner-city kids and helping their families.  And my down time from work was spent traveling and being incredibly active.  Now I try to stay sane managing a very independent little guy, keeping an infant happy, and still attempt to have a little semblance of my old self.  I constantly debate in my head whether or not to make that giant leap to a family of 4.  The giant leap to a family of 4 will come in November 2014!!!  Eeep!!!!

Oliver_LightsAbout the Monsters

My little monster, Oliver, was born in 2012.  He’s cute and funny, surprises us every day, and can be quite the handful.  We used to call him baby and baby monster, but stopped when he wouldn’t answer to his given name.  Anyways, monster is  a cute term, like Monsters Inc. cute, but also indicative of the wrath a baby, especially a boy, can have; kind of like the Hulk.

My newborn monster, Samantha, was born in 2014.  As we are getting to know her more and more, it amazes me how very different these two little people are.  She’s a very sociable and chatty little lass, which I’m sure will mean she’ll be incredibly sassy when she’s a teenager.

About the Blog

This blog will probably be like most mommy blogs.  But here’s a summation about our family (at least me and Baby Monster) and what you might find:

  • We are probably considered conservative amongst the progressive backdrop of San Francisco families, but are quite progressive compared to families in our hometowns (mushy middle???)
  • Easygoing (AKA flexible) when it comes to anything, including birthing (although I’m not a fan of the placenta encapsulation thing)
  • Love love love baby led weaning
  • Music and dancing every morning
  • Sports and exercise are important
  • 1,000% in favor of vaccination
  • Foodie, except for husband
  • Amateur photog

Why the name?  I used to play lacrosse (played in college, etc.), and I would still love to play if there was more time.  I also think I take a relaxed (but informative) approach to parenting.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure I’ll add more in the future.


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