Second Thoughts About Potty Training

So Oliver has done really well with the potty training.  Do we even still call it that?  Almost three weeks in and I have to say I miss diapers.  I know it is a huge milestone, especially towards independence and big kid-ness.  But to be honest, it’s A LOT of work.

I guess I romanticized potty training in my head.  I imagined that he would be going on his own with no supervision.  That he would just do his business like you and I, and it would be no big deal.  But the truth of the matter is that he still needs to be constantly reminded to go to the potty because Lego is soooooooooo much cooler than sitting on the potty.  He still needs to have an adult wipe his bum.  We need to make sure someone gets him to the potty as soon as he wakes up or he will just pee in the bed because he doesn’t know how to open his bedroom door to get to the bathroom.  And he monopolizes our only bathroom as if he were a teenage girl.

I guess it doesn’t sound so bad, and in the long run we don’t have a college-age child in a diaper.  But it’s more work than I thought, especially when you put an infant into the mix.  One day I won’t have to worry about bowel movements–and that day will be GLORIOUS!


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