Fabletics #1


So I recently joined Fabletics (the Kate Hudson athletic wear line).  I thought why not get reasonably priced work out clothes that look good to help motivate me to work out more.  I almost ordered more Lulus, but the price of your first outfit with Fabletics was pretty hard to say no to.  I ordered the outfit pictured above (and I also apologize for looking so terrible; I just finished a run).

The clothes are actually great!  As advertised, they are definitely comparable to Lulus, Nike, etc.  I actually think the crops I bought are better than Lulus.  The fit is the same, but the fabric and quality of how they stitch it together is much better.  Definitely no underwear showing when I bend over.  😉  The pants stay up when I run, and there’s a little pocket for a key and/or cash.  The tank top is also nice, although nothing special.  But that’s ok as long as it’s breathable.

The price is fantastic!  So when you become a VIP member outfits (2-3 piece sets) start at $49.95!!!  That’s pretty cheap considering it’s hard to find good work out pants for that price on its own.  What’s even better is your first outfit is half off–so this outfit I’m wearing cost $29.97.  Yes, $29.97!!!

The only con right now is that you have to be a VIP member to get these deals, even though it is free to be a member.  Being a VIP member is basically a ponzi scheme to get you to keep buying their clothes.  So yes, your first outfit is 50% off.  But at the beginning of each month you have to log into your account and either buy a new outfit or say you want to skip.  I really don’t know anyone who needs a new workout outfit each month.  But the way they get you to stay is because you have to physically call them to unsubscribe/cancel your membership, which is super annoying because I’m sure they will try to talk you out of it.  While there’s no obligation to buy an outfit each month, it’s annoying to have to go to their website to say, “No, I don’t need an outfit this month.”  Admittedly, I did buy another outfit this month.  But let’s say you are super busy and forget to tell them you don’t want an outfit this month.  They charge you $49.95, which will be a credit toward a future outfit you want to buy–a bit annoying right?

While the quality for the price of Fabletics seems great, it’s just annoying to have to be a VIP member.  We’ll see how long I continue to be a member.

And in case you are curious, I’m wearing Nike In-Season TR 4 shoes and a Nike running hat to keep the sun off my face.



So it has been well documented in this blog that with my second pregnancy I had pubic bone pain, probably because I produced more relaxin in combination with general weakness from the relaxin during my first pregnancy.  Anyhoo, my pubic bone pain became such a big deal that I was seeing a chiropractor to help realign me and relieve the pain.

Fast forward to nearly 8 months postpartum, and I am in pain from a groin pull that happened last night from soccer.  Keep in mind that I haven’t had a groin pull in years!  I seriously can’t remember the last time I pulled my groin since I started wearing compression shorts as suggested by a trainer in college.  It seriously could be 10+ years.  So imagine my frustration and dismay to quit at half time because I just couldn’t jog, let alone play soccer.  My husband said that I am just old, which is true, but there has to be more to it.

So as I was lying in bed, moaning about the pain, I quickly did a Google search about relaxin.  Relaxin is the hormone produced during pregnancy to help loosen your ligaments to help your pelvis open up to push a baby through, but is nondiscriminatory so effects all joints in the body.  Why did I do a Google search for relaxin specifically?  Well, I have noticed that my hips and pubic bone aren’t quite 100%.  If I walk/run a lot (say a full soccer game) or an entire day of shopping, my legs feel like they are coming out of their sockets and sometimes a  little pain in the pubic bone area if it’s really bad.  (Also my historically bad shoulder has been really weak, as in it hasn’t been this bad since I first injured it.)  The last time I felt this kind of pain was when I was pregnant.  Turns out it takes a long time for relaxin to leave your body postpartum (a couple of months), and apparently your body produces relaxin if you are breastfeeding!  And this makes sense since Wikipedia says female breasts also produces the hormone.  Granted, the amount isn’t nearly as much produced when are you pregnant.  But the fact that it is present in your body is enough concern if you are trying to play coed soccer with people 10 years your junior who all played college level soccer.  No wonder I pulled my groin last night!!!

FYI, I stopped breastfeeding my son at 6 months, and that was around the time I really ramped up my exercise routine (e.g., bootcamp, soccer, and lacrosse).  So I never experienced this before with him.

24 Week Postpartum Weight Update

IMG_4410So I’m 24 weeks postpartum, and let me tell you the weight loss isn’t as easy as the first. Granted life is just more hectic now juggling two. It’s just more of everything–more tired, more work, more sleepy, more obligations, more more more. You name it, it’s just more of it. And whoever tells you that breastfeeding makes you shed all that weight is a liar! I lost more weight with my son, whom we supplemented, than with my daughter, who is exclusively breastfed.

I’m sure it’s a combination of a lot of things.  I haven’t been as vigilant about working out like I did with my first.  That goes along with the tiredness of wrangling two.  I also don’t play soccer anymore like I did with the first, even though I wouldn’t count that as enough exercise to shed the weight.  But anything helps right?

Anyhoo, it is taking me longer to lose weight than I expected.  No one tells you that about your second.  With the first I lost a lot of weight, and fast.  And then I lost the last of the baby weight once I stopped breastfeeding, which was like another 5lbs.  This time I stalled at 15lbs.  But Sammy is close to developing a routine/schedule, which means it will be easier to figure out the working out business.  Let’s hope I lose that extra weight in the coming months!

P.S.  I hate selfies done in a mirror!!!

Postpartum Exercise

10_weeks_post_partumSo I have started exercising (when I can) again.  I managed to get to my prepregnancy weight before I got pregnant again (it took a year to shed the weight!).  But I also managed to gain ~35 lbs. this last pregnancy!  Now it’s the daunting task of losing that weight again.  I am finding it is not quite as easy to shed as the first time around, even though I am exclusively breastfeeding.  I guess it’s just something about the second kid?

I know a lot of mom’s out there find it difficult to get exercise in when you are wrangling a child, let alone two.  I’m beginning to find it more difficult with two.  Last week I didn’t work out at all cause my son was sick all week!  How can a busy mom get a work out in with kids?

1.  Gyms with childcare

Many gyms offer child care for a small fee.  You can get your spin class in while your kid is looked after by professional child care staff.

2.  Mommy and Baby Exercise Classes

A quick Yelp search in your area may yield a lot of surprising exercise with baby options for you and your little one.  From bootcamp to yoga, you’ll be able to get a work out in while your little one is by your side.  This is especially beneficial for parents who want to save money on the child care aspect.  My personal favorite is Baby Bootcamp.

3.  Meetup!

Look or create a meetup to do some exercise you enjoy!  Whether it’s to find parents out there to go on a run with your baby in a jogging stroller or doing tai chi with baby, you’ll be able to find it or create it.  You’d be surprised what you can find on meetup.

4.  YouTube & Netflix

Many of us are just too busy juggling work and family that exercising during normal hours is just impossible.  You probably don’t want to wake up to do a 6AM work out if your baby isn’t quite sleeping through the night, sometimes the Kid’s Club hours at the gym aren’t very convenient, or your family is simply on a very tight budget.  When your kids are sleeping, you can always scour YouTube and Netflix for some exercise videos.  YouTube has Jillian Michaels workouts availabe for free.

The long and short of it is that exercising with a new baby may be difficult, but it is doable.  It takes a bit of creativity and time to get back to your prepregnancy self, but you can do it!  Don’t be discouraged!

New Parent Life

It dawned on my the other day that I haven’t written this post even though this is the advice I give every one who is about to embark on parenthood!  So here it goes…

I’ll 100% honest–being a new parent, especially a stay at home parent, is lonely and hard.  Some are fortunate enough to have other parent friends close by or family to help fill that void, and others are embarking on this journey alone.  For those doing the journey alone or almost alone it doesn’t have to be so.  It’s going to take some time, some longer than others.  It will also feel like dating.  But in the end it works out and you’ll adjust.  Give it time!!!  But here are my tips that helped me overcome the loneliness of being a stay at home parent in a brand new city with an infant!

1.  Pay to do something outside of the house once a week!!!
If you are like me, once you make a financial commitment you feel bad not using it and wasting all that money.  That’s why I suggest you do something that forces you to pay up front to do it because you feel obligated to get out of the house and not list the many excuses to stay at home.  At first, Oliver and I did Baby Boot Camp together.  I bought a 12 class pass up front that would expire in like 2 months.  It forced me to leave the house and get exercise.  If I didn’t use a class pass cause of whatever excuse I felt so bad cause it was throwing away $15!!!  This program was also great because once a month they did a Mom’s Night Out.  So I was able to meet some cool moms this way, both in workout clothes and without.

If exercising, or boot camps, aren’t your thing there a ton of other things you can do with your new baby.  If you want to try low impact exercising, try looking into post-natal yoga classes.  Many gyms offer babysitting services if that is more your thing.  My only problem with that is it’s harder to meet parent friends this way.

You can also look into classes for your baby.  Yes, your little 6 weeker (sometimes younger) can participate in so many things!!!  We’ve done music class, Gymboree, swimming, art class, etc.  There are many Gymboree type places out there, probably closer to home too.  Try looking up Little Gym or My Gym.  They usually do a free trial class to see if it’s a good fit for you and your child.  If those places are a bit pricey, your local parks and rec should offer baby classes, including infant swim classes!  The point is, pay for something and go so you can meet people.

2.  Join a parenting list serv or group.
You might have to do some sleuthing on Google or you can ask the few parents you know in your neighborhood/city/town.  But if one exists, join it (while baby is in utero preferably).  Not only can you score cheap or free gently used baby gear, you can connect with other parents with similar age babies.  Once a month I get an e-mail to the neighborhood list serv from a new mom trying to connect with other mom’s in the neighborhood with newborns.  And depending on how organized your list serv or group is, there may be monthly Mom’s Night Out to a local restaurant.  It’s such a great way to feel more connected to your neighbors and find parent friends.

3.  Go to Meetup.com.
As I have mentioned before, finding new parent friends is like dating.  It’s awkward and strange as you investigate whether or not this parent will be cool and match your parenting style.  Well, think of Meetup as your dating website (kind of like eHarmony, but for a lot of different interests, not exclusive to parents).  You can easily see if there are baby/parent groups based on a certain mile radius of your zip code.  You can even go so far as to find baby/parent groups around certain themes, like exercise or home schooling or attachment parenting or Spanish speaking (I’ve seen Mandarin).  It’s a great way to meet other parents, usually in public places.  If you can’t find one that is a good fit for you or there isn’t one close to you, you can always start a Meetup group yourself (for a small fee).

4.  Join a new parent support group.
More and more of these are popping up, either offered through the hospital you delivered or through an organization in your neighborhood.  Some are free and some aren’t.  But the point is, it is a great way to meet new parents with similar aged babies.  They are usually facilitated by hospital staff or a therapist.  You discuss topics regarding being a new parent and connect, share, and most importantly vent about this crazy journey.  Most support groups are set for a certain number of weeks (between 6-8 weeks, meeting once a week), but many of these groups soon become your closest parent friends who continue to meet weekly for play dates.  You may think it’s dumb, especially if you aren’t into therapy-type things for whatever reason, but trust me you will enjoy the support group.

Just keep putting yourself, and your baby, out there.  It really is exactly like dating, but I think so much harder.  It will depress you, but you’ll also have times where you get excited about meeting a parent you like (trust me, my husband has looked at me weirdly when I tell him about a cool mom I’ve met).  It took me about a year to finally find a circle of parent friends I truly like.  It just takes time, so just be patient.  After all, you were patient about finding your partner right?  It’s hard, but it will work out.  It may not seem like it, especially in the throws of a crying infant.  But it will, and you’ll find some cool parents you can start calling your friends.