24 Week Postpartum Weight Update

IMG_4410So I’m 24 weeks postpartum, and let me tell you the weight loss isn’t as easy as the first. Granted life is just more hectic now juggling two. It’s just more of everything–more tired, more work, more sleepy, more obligations, more more more. You name it, it’s just more of it. And whoever tells you that breastfeeding makes you shed all that weight is a liar! I lost more weight with my son, whom we supplemented, than with my daughter, who is exclusively breastfed.

I’m sure it’s a combination of a lot of things.  I haven’t been as vigilant about working out like I did with my first.  That goes along with the tiredness of wrangling two.  I also don’t play soccer anymore like I did with the first, even though I wouldn’t count that as enough exercise to shed the weight.  But anything helps right?

Anyhoo, it is taking me longer to lose weight than I expected.  No one tells you that about your second.  With the first I lost a lot of weight, and fast.  And then I lost the last of the baby weight once I stopped breastfeeding, which was like another 5lbs.  This time I stalled at 15lbs.  But Sammy is close to developing a routine/schedule, which means it will be easier to figure out the working out business.  Let’s hope I lose that extra weight in the coming months!

P.S.  I hate selfies done in a mirror!!!


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