Pediatric Dentist Visit


So the other day my son had his regular check up at the dentist, making this his third visit in his life.  His first two visits were disasters.  He was not interested in any strangers examining his mouth despite having the little dragon demonstrate how it is done.  There was screaming and crying–pretty typical behavior from a young child who just doesn’t understand what is going on.

This visit was met with great success because I really prepared my son for this visit, coupled with just a better understanding about things in general.  Ordinarily people say you should take your child with you when you, the parent, get your teeth cleaned so that they can see it’s safe and not scary.  And I would have done that, except our dental appointments were at times that would mean he would miss the entire day at school.  So I showed him a YouTube video of what happens at a dental visit for kids.  I knew he would be receptive to this because after I showed him a video of his sister at her swim lesson he suddenly was super pumped to go swimming instead of fighting us.  Anyhoo, he cooperated 100% with no tears or screaming, including getting x-rays done!  So if you can’t bring your kid to your dental appointment prior to their appointment, head on over to YouTube.  There are a lot of child friendly videos explaining what happens and the tools the dentist will use.  Good luck!

P.S. I was advised I should be flossing my son’s teeth?!?!

P.P.S. He’s still cavity-free!


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