The New Normal

head_shotSo I know that Eva Mendes got a lot of crap for saying sweat pants cause divorce (or something like that).  But I have to admit that I do try to leave the house in a decent state, i.e. make up and jeans.  It’s not that I believe in what Eva Mendes says–I do it because I don’t want strangers looking at me and thinking I’m a teen mom or nanny.  I know that’s stupid, that I shouldn’t care what others think.  But I do, and so I take the time to put a decent look together whenever I leave the house.  I do have to admit that it is a lot harder to do now that there are two kids to wrangle, but I still try.

You are probably wondering how I ever get the time to shower, let alone slap on some make up and do my hair.  It is a struggle at first, mostly because you are struggling to find a new normal and schedule.  But I cannot leave the house without a shower; that is just something I have always done for most of my life.  And then I quickly do my hair and slap on some make up.  But where do I find the time?  Sammy’s first nap is usually the longest (at least an hour long).  That gives me enough time to do my thing.  What do I do with Oliver?  He’s off playing on his own, but more often than not is watching Sesame Street (I know, I know).

Right, but how do I get my look in an hour?  While I was pregnant with Sammy, I went to Sephora just to get some new makeup/new look.  Sephora will do make overs as long as you buy a certain dollar amount of makeup (I find the free one isn’t long enough, nor thorough).  I did the cheapest one and told the consultant that I have a 2 year old and I’m due in November, so I want a look I can do in 15 minutes.  And you know what, they are really good about what you can do in 15 minutes and how to get that look.  My consultant gave me a long moisturizing routine at first, and I told her flat out that I can’t do that with two.  But she said I can just do the entire routine at night, but put just the moisturizer on in the morning.  Some CC cream to even out my skin tone, quick eyeshadow, a quick way to put on eyeliner, blush, and lip stick.  Super easy.  I felt great, and most importantly I felt like this is doable (and it is!).

But the hair!!!  How do you do your hair!?  If you don’t have a good hair stylist, get recommendations from friends who have similar hair as yours.  I told mine that I desperately needed something I could just wash and wear.  She factored in the postpartum hair shed (that struggle is real btw) and a little hair product, and voila here’s my hair.  Seriously, my hair takes like 2 minutes to get ready.

So you see it is possible to leave the house a little polished.  It really depends on you and if you prioritize this.  And I do.  It makes me feel normal and I don’t get those judgey or sad looks of “that poor teen mom”.  I’m exaggerating (just a little), but you get what I mean.  But I highly recommend talking to someone/people who can advise you on how to get a quick, easy, beautiful mommy look.


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