In the Weeds

Last week was my first official full week on my own with the kids.  Monday wasn’t so bad because I had my mom’s of 2 group, and my husband worked from home to watch Oliver while me and Sammy were away.  Tuesday evening is when I suddenly found myself in the weeds.

Tuesday evening was my first time picking up Oliver from preschool on my own with newborn in tow.  The baby was relatively calm, although she would have been happier at home instead of in her carseat.  We arrived at the preschool, and Oliver’s classmates and one of the teachers cooed over her while I signed the check-out book.  The other teacher then pulled me aside to tell me that Oliver had pink eye.  GREAT!  Not only does he have a highly contagious disease, he’s not allowed to participate in his winter fiesta tomorrow.  We make it home and the rest of the night was spent cleaning Oliver’s eye, disinfecting the home, and keeping him away from the baby (it was a lot harder than it sounds because he loves helping out with the baby).

Wednesday the three of us were stuck at home and it was raining.  Most of my time was trying to stop Oliver from touching the baby and disinfecting the house.  His eye wasn’t gunky anymore, but it was still pink.  During that time there were points where I wanted to cry (naturally).

Thursday Oliver’s pink eye was gone, but then Sammy’s eye was pink.  GREAT!  Called the pedi, and they told us that it was more likely a clogged tear duct.  They said to come in if we wipe gunk out of her eye more than 3 times an hour or if it doesn’t clear up in three days.  Again it was raining, so we were stuck in the house.  But to top it all off, I was now sick–congested, coughing, and a runny nose.  SUPER GREAT!

Friday I lost my voice on top of feeling incredibly terrible.  I had a baby who was probably suffering from a clogged tear duct and a Wonder Week.  Oliver still had his cold.  Did I mention I didn’t feel well?

The weekend I began to feel better, although not 100%.  I’m still not 100% now.  But boy was I in the weeds last week.  In between the tears you just need to recite the mantra, “This too shall pass.”


One thought on “In the Weeds

  1. I’m glad you’re still able to keep up with blogging! I just caught up on your last few posts and it was nice to read about Sammy’s birth, as well as the reality of motherhood. I hope this week is going much better. Merry Christmas to you and the family!


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