toddler_mutant_ninja_turtleI have a two year old!  WTF?!  I swear he was just a baby last week, and now here we are at age TWO!!!  It’s amazing how fast time goes by.  I mean every parent tells you that it goes by so quickly, but Oliver’s 2nd birthday really slapped me in the face several times with this reality.  He is genuinely a little boy who loves to run around, climb (good lord the climbing!), and is talking more and more.  We have our terrible two’s moments (the tantrums, the no’s, the mini-teen), but for the most part he is a happy little boy who loves puzzles and reading, when he can’t climb of course.  It’s just amazing how much he has grown in the last 6 months, let alone year!  Seriously, where did the time go?!

first_day_preschoolOn top of that, Oliver started preschool this week (part-time, 3 days a week).  It has been rougher on me than it is on him I think (although today was the first time he cried at drop off).  He had an ok first day (didn’t eat much breakfast and didn’t nap), but has since thrived at the school.  It validated our decision to send him to school, even though two is crazy young.  But the teachers report he loves the activities and the environment alone is forcing him to socialize with his peers.  This was truly important to me.  As much as I miss being with him every day and our play dates with friends, I think having the consistency of school and navigating the social intricacies of that environment will help Oliver out in the long run.  He comes home very happy, which is great!  Added bonus is he already knows two Spanish words, at least words I also know (he’s attending a Spanish immersion preschool).

As I mentioned earlier, it has been hard on me.  I was an emotional wreck the first day of school (even though the above picture would say otherwise).  I managed to hold it together until after we dropped him off, and then I weeped in the car as my husband laughed/consoled me.  Two years of my life was devoted to him, and now I have to let go a little.  I know it’s for the best, but I think it’s just hard to let go because I am losing my baby.  But as my husband reminded me on that first day, it will be good for him and good for me to get rest during the last trimester.  It has been getting more and more exhausting caring for a very active boy when the new baby is incredibly high up, making it difficult to breathe sometimes.  Ugh, I’m tearing up just typing this!!!  He’s TWO!


2 thoughts on “TWO!

  1. Ei, I love this blog! I just caught up on the entire thing. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read more about Oliver and monster #2! You can use me for interior design services and I’ll use you for mommy training (when I get there!).


    • I’m glad you like it! Your blog/pictures make me so jealous cause you have such a keen eye for design!!! And I am always around for mommy training. 🙂


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