VBAC Update #2

So since my last update I decided to switch hospitals and OBs.  Crazy, I know since I’m 22 weeks right now.  But the hospital I was originally planning on delivering at has very stringent rules about VBACs, which in turn governs how my OB practices.  Basically my OB was not allowing me to go beyond my due date–she had me schedule a repeat c-section for my due date in case I don’t go into labor beforehand.  Despite her reassurances that I would go into labor before my due date, I still found her confidence in at least attempting to labor so false after her absolute insistence on scheduling a c-section for my due date.  As any mother knows, it’s absolutely impossible to know exactly when a baby will arrive.  The 40 weeks medicine uses is just the average gestational period–it is not a clear marker of when the baby is ready.  And the 40 weeks are just estimates, at best, based on size and last menstrual period.  The range is 37-42 weeks.  Plus my due date was actually adjusted 4 days, so theoretically I could go into labor 4 days after my actual due date just because the size of the baby wasn’t accurate for dating.  So I decided to switch up the hospital and OB because I at least want to try to go into labor when the baby is ready to come out–not when a doctor thinks it’s best.

My new practice and hospital is one of the best medical universities in the country.  Because of this they have great facilities and practices that aren’t as conservative as my previous hospital and OB.  I’ll be seeing a midwife initially, which I’m a bit hesitant about.  But it has gotten a rousing endorsement from many moms in the neighborhood I live in that have undergone VBAC, and successfully.  So my care begins on Thursdays when I have my first appointment.

Ultimately, I just want to make sure this baby comes out healthy.  And I believe that part of that is allowing me to labor, even if it is just for a little bit.  I would love to experience a vaginal birth, just because the recovery time will be so much better than having a c-section.  But the baby’s health comes first, and I believe the new hospital and practice are inline with my philosophy.


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